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Sanctuary information for rehoming of pet birds, or those from other wildlife/rehabilitation centres

We take birds from wildlife sanctuaries and rehabilation centre through out the UK but our spaces are very limited.
We have a huge aviary which houses all of the birds together, and we have one small aviary fore very special pigeons who need extra care. 
We do not release the birds out to fly because the area the sanctuary is in is frequented by farm cats and birds of prey. 
Before coming into our care, each pigeon is required to be fitted with a coloured, numbered ring and to have completed a veterinary surgeon check to state the reasons why the pigeon required long term sanctuary care and that they disease free and fit to travel
We have NO HOSPITAL OR ISOLATION UNIT at the sanctuary and as such we can only take healthy birds.
To keep in line with our RSPCA directive and the Wildlife act, all previous rehabbers must provide their full name and address. We keep this information safe as per the governments GDPR regulations, however, if we are asked to share this information during an RSPCA inspection we are obliged by law to do this.
Once a bird has come into our care and settled, they will not be returned to the previous rehabber/keeper and we have no obligation to keep that rehabber/keeper informed of their progress (although we do try to maintain this if we can) 
We ask for a donation of £125 per bird for the first year of care and ideally a £5 donation each subsequent year that the bird is in our care to help with on going costs.
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