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Who are Little Green Pigeon?

We are a small wild bird and Pigeon sanctuary based from home in the Staffordshire countryside. Our on line shop sales go directly towards running the sanctuary (we are a not for profit business)
The products we sell are designed in house with love, care and attention to detail, or bought from Vegan or ethically led artists and designers who care about our environment and fellow creatures.
Our L.G.P. printing and packaging is VEGAN and our garment suppliers have PETA recognition. 
Meet the flock;
Susan Joyce -
I'm Sue ! I started out in life as an R.V.N. in Veterinary Practice.
I worked in several practices in the midlands, he final one being a Veterinary Hospital in the West Midlands where I was the Patient Co-ordinator.
I opened one of the first Dog Daycare centres in the UK in Staffordshire where me and my staff looked after 30 dogs each day - this was my dream business! After several happy years, a fall from a bridge fractured my back in several places and meant I could not walk for a while. Regrettably, I had to close this business.
I went to work back at a Veterinary hospital and this is where my journey as a bird carer really began. 
I have run a bird rescue along side work for 7 years, and in 2020 I received enough support to allow me to stop any other work and draw a small wage from L.G.P which means I can look after patients while fundraising and designing shop products. 
To raise funds for the sanctuary, we sell our products here on our website and on Etsy. We also sell our L.G.P. products to selected suppliers in the UK such as Garden centres and animal supply stores. We have an active Patreon page where you can sponsor a bird! 
I've been vegetarian since age 8 and Vegan for the last 11 years. 
Ian Joyce -
long suffering husband of mine, Ian is chief general dogs body. He works hard fetching and carrying, making tea, dashing to the post office and keeping the wild flowers trimmed in the allotment
Ian has been Vegan for 4 years. Ian is profoundly Deaf since Birth and has raised thousands over the year to support Hearing Dogs for the Deaf Charity. Ian has had a Hearing Dog from them for the last 16 years. 
All of our profit goes to paying for the care and upkeep of our rescue birds here at L.G.P wild bird sanctuary.
We are a member of several bird rehab groups and we regularly receive birds for care. Some of these stay and some of them grow, recover and fly off. 
Many of the ones who stay are pigeons, who have the choice of living in our quiet country garden or bunking up in the coop in our allotment at night (at the back of our property) with the flock. 
We regularly post the activity of the birds on our instagram and facebook pages, go follow us! @littlegreenpigeon
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