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Our Sanctuary

We are located in rural Staffordshire, in Central England. 

The sanctuary is in a private space behind our house.
The garden birds have lots of trees, bushes and feeders dotted about to keep them happy.
The Pigeons have a field behind the sanctuary garden, where we also grow crops for us and them, such as peas, sweetcorn, kale and spinach - which they love! 
We are a fly free sanctuary - so the birds come out and live their lives happily, even the disabled pigeons can have a walk around the field in relative safety. 
Living in the country, we do have birds of prey here of course, Merlins, Periguine Falcon, Sparrow-hawk and Buzzards .
Only the Sparrow hawk bothers our pigeons, but she is a natural predator and although it is always sad if she catches one of our pigeons, it is part of rural life. 
We only have two neighbours and there are no cats around. The birds get used to our dogs and can often be found sunbathing in the field together in the summer!
The sanctuary is for the birds, not for people, but we do allow visits by appointment (but no children) 
We have at any one time, around 200 pigeons living free in the sanctuary. We have enclosures that we can shut them into should we need to for medicating them, or if we have to catch one of them to check them over. 
Other than that - they just do as they please, as it should be! 
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