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Frequently asked Questions

The most frequently asked Questions we get asked in no particular order!

Do you accept any kind of bird?

No - we only look after Pigeons

We do not under any circumstances accept into our care ;

Peacocks, Chickens, Ducks, Geese (basically all wetland Birds) Quail, Pheasant and any birds of prey (Owls, Buzzard, Falcon, Kestrel) 

Do you have volunteers or job vacancies

No we don't have any paid work available but can take adult volunteers as long as they are vegan

Do you collect birds from us?

We don't unfortunately. We do not have the time to drive and collect birds as well as care for them, so it is vitally important that you bring them to us. 

How should I bring the bird to you?

Ideally in a pet carrier or a strong card board box which is not too much bigger than the bird you are bringing. Please put an old towel, teatowel, pillowcase inside the box so that the bird has something to hold onto during transit. 

It is common for birds to die or suffer broken bones if they are transported in a box with no bedding, so please PLEASE put something inside the box. 



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