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Donation to our wild bird and pigeon Sanctuary

We take in lots of birds each year - babies, nestlings, fledglings and injured birds requiring medical attention. We also take in healthy Pigeons who need a new home after sad events like the death or unemployment of the owner.

Many people ask how they can help us and often offer cash when they bring the birds in, which is really kind.

Some people wish to help more, or offer a lower amount more frequently. We have made that easy to do with Patreon.

Once you sign up for a Patreon account, you can choose how much you wish to donate each month, and you will receive gifts in return, such as stickers, T-shirts, Greetings cards and postcards, plus a percentage off all the price of everything on this on line shop! whoohoo! 

Patreonage starts at just £1.00.

You can also sponsor a Long term pigeon through Patreon and receive regular updates about your bird and a sponsor pack each year containing postcards, stickers and Pigeon greeting cards. 

Go to and look for Little Green Pigeon to find out more!  

thank you for your help and support, Sue and the flock x


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