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Poe Egglesworth collectables


Poe Egglesworth is a hardworking postmaster who loves brightening everyone's day with cheerful letters! You'll never receive any rude post or utility bills from this charming little bird :> He always carries a stash of french fries in his delivery bag for easy snacking on long journeys



Poes creator - Ash was inspired by an ill baby pigeon that they raised several years ago. He grew up to be a strong and healthy boy and is now living in a gigantic aviary with over 40 pigeons, and even got paired up with a lady bird :> He's now living it up the best he can together with his wife! Ash say ''Im so happy that he can live his life in safety but I do miss him very much. I've always been fond of pigeons and while deciding a name for this character it just felt right to give him the same name of that sweet baby bird that I raised!''


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